Market intelligence and identification of technical, scientific and technological opportunities in productive sectors at a national and international level. To be the spearhead bridge between clients and the company with its business ecosystem. Development of strategic management proposals for entrepreneurs and companies, marketing and positioning of traditional and new markets through advanced management and innovation tools for business models for products, services or processes.

Identification, analysis and comprehensive management of private-private and public-private collaborative initiatives based on the strategic development of contingent and contractual opportunities and challenges through a model for the development of collaborative initiatives.

Linkage and technological and sectoral extensionism. Opening networks and collaborative bipartite, tripartite and multinational “win win” groups in expansion and strengthening of entrepreneurship, innovation and business activity.

Support for ventures and innovation projects from the identification of opportunities and value proposition to scaling up models, networking, advice on identifying financing and capital sources.

Main speaker activities, master classes, seminars and national and international workshops.